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A+ Hardware Certification
Facility Management Engineer (FME)
Windows 2008 Certification
N+ Network Professional
CCNP (Cisco Cerified Network Professional)
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

This certification course is design to provide student an in-depth study of Computer hardware architecture. This course includes knowledge about providing support to client at desktop level.

Level - I Level - II Level - III
Introduction: This module introduces users to basics of information technology and using Micosoft family of Operating system. Hardware Study : This module provides an in-depth study of architecture of hardware components and assembling and installation of PC. Advance troubleshooting : This module provides an basics and advance troubleshooting techniques for hardware and Operating systems.
Introduction to Information Technology Introduction to Electronics Using various applications like Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, system tools, etc.
Hardware and software introduction Introduction to Computer Hardware Architecture Windows utilities like scandisk, defrag, scanreg, msconfig, systools, etc.
Basics of MS-DOS commands and utilities Study of various components of PC like Troubleshooting OS related problems
Microsoft Windows Architecture Central processing unit Intel/AMD Troubleshooting Hardware related problems
Working with various version of Windows family of Operating Systems Motherboard Installation and configuration of printers
  Hard disk driver IDE/SCSI/SATA Installation and configuration of modem for internet connectivity
  Random Access Memory EDO/SD/RD/DDR/DDR2, etc Basics of Internet technology
  ROM - BIOS - POST Using Norton Ghost for software deployment.
  Motherboard Chipsets  
  I/O devices like mouse, keyboard, scanner, modems, etc.  
  I/O devices like mouse, keyboard, scanner, modems, etc.  
  PC Bus architecture like ISA/PCI/SCSI/AGP/USB, etc  
  Power supply unit  
  And many more  
  Assembling of Intel based PC like P-I to P4  
  Installation of operating system like MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, etc.  
  Installation of application like Office, Adobe suite, Corel, Visual Studio, Oracle, etc Installation of drivers for various components of PC